Staff Nurse

Job Information

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    Salary RM 2,500-5,000
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    Job Level : Assistant
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    Years of Experience Min 1 year

Job Description

Responsible and accountable to provide effective and efficient nursing care to patient as follows;
  1. Evidence based practice; in collaboration with physicians and multidisciplinary to meet the needs of patients in accordance with Laws and Regulations; Policies and SOPs; International and Malaysian Patient Safety Goals; Accreditation and Nursing Standards; and Professional Code of Conduct. 
  2. Perform individualised patient assessment, prioritising the data collection based on patient’s immediate condition or needs to establish comprehensive information base on patient physiological, emotional, cultural, psychological and spiritual needs within timeframe.
  3. Conduct reassessments / on-going assessments as determined by patient’s condition to re prioritise treatment and care accordingly.
  4. Formulate appropriate individualized nursing care plans, implement interventions and evaluate outcomes of care / treatment during shift.
  5. Involve patient and family on all nursing care and discharge plans.
  6. Perform appropriate treatments as ordered by physician in an accurate and timely manner.
  7. Deliver nursing care according to plan; procedures and skills competently whichare evidence based practices.
  8. Utilise SBAR to perform clinical handovers demonstrating effective   communication on patients care. 
  9. Check all medical equipment are functioning and has valid planned preventive maintenance prior to use on patients.
  10. Ensure cleanliness of unit and all equipment utilise in adherence to Infection Control Policies.
  11. Document all patient assessment findings, physical / psychosocial responses to nursing interventions, progress towards problem resolutions and communications with physicians.
  12. Provide care in a non-judgemental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to patient’s and family’s diversity, preserving their autonomy, dignity and rights.
  13. Ensure consistent delivering care in compliance to Clinical Governance system, IPSGs/MPSGs, MOH law and regulations, MSQH standards, Nursing standards and Professional Code of Conduct.
  14. To guide junior staff.