Assistant Supervisor, Safety

Job Information

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    Salary RM 2,200-2,800
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    Job Level : Assistant
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    Years of Experience Min 1 year

Job Description

Job Overview
Safety Officer to facilitate compliance with occupational health and safety (OHS) guidelines. Safety Supervisors work on the ground implementing plans and ensuring that everyone adheres to legislation and organizational guidance. They are not part of the decision-making process, but they are authority figures who work on the shop floor, in the field, and at ground level in a variety of workplaces. They are directly involved in reducing potential and actual hazards that could lead to workplace injury and death or result in environmental damage toxic to people. Everywhere today has safety legislation and industry guidance to which everyone needs to adhere. They will not only directly oversee such work, but report to middle and senior managers, offering advice or seeking approval for action. They are the first person on the scene at the site of an accident and recommend procedures. They may also be the first person to whom others report following a protocol breach.

Job Responsibilities (duties/task)
  • Support the development of OHS policies and programs
  • Advise and instruct on various safety-related topics (noise levels, use of machinery etc.)
  • Conduct risk assessment and enforce preventative measures
  • Review existing policies and measures and update them according to legislation
  • Initiate and organize OHS training of employees and executives
  • Inspect premises and the work of personnel to identify issues or non-conformity (e.g., not using protective equipment)
  • Oversee installations, maintenance, disposal of substances, etc.
  • Stop any unsafe acts or processes that seem dangerous or unhealthy
  • Record and investigate incidents to determine causes and handle worker’s compensation claims
  • Prepare reports on occurrences and provide statistical information to upper management

Job Specification (qualification, experience, skills, attributes)
  • Proven experience as a safety officer
  • In-depth knowledge of legislation (e.g.OSHA/EPA) and procedures
  • Knowledge of potentially hazardous materials or practices
  • Experience in writing reports and policies for health and safety
  • Familiarity with conducting data analysis and reporting statistics